Hi! I’m Ravi

I am Raviprakash, the photographer behind these pictures. As we say in photography, the background details are equally important as the foreground. So I think, I should at least share a little bit about how I embarked upon this most fulfilling marriage with lens and light.

It Began with a Passion

Well, I am from the beautiful hilly terrains of Karnataka (a major state in South of India) which is called Male Nad (Male means hill and Nad means land). My village Hosahalli is nestled between western Ghats and has been blessed with beautiful streams, coffee estates, never-ending rain, moist green fields, fresh fragrances, always chirping crickets, myriad flowers, birds, beetles, butterflies and … oops, I just can’t stop raving about my tiny, cozy village !!

When you look at my childhood place, everything is lens-worthy ! everything is beautiful !! Its greater than heaven as heaven is growing up there!! As a child I was always curious about those lovely melting dew drops, vanishing beautiful bugs and beetles, ever-changing colorful leaves… How I wished if only I could hold on to that moment of beauty and savor it forever… this longing urged my father to gift me, my first point and shoot Yashika camera and with that, I began my voyage into the world of capturing beauty. During my engineering days, I slowly started understanding the nuances of it.

Once I started earning, I upgraded myself from Yashika to Canon SD400 (P&S) and started experimenting with lights, moods, angles, etc. I clicked everything that fell into my vicinity – from that first raindrop to a friend caught in a gape, much to the amusement of friends and family. This affair turned to passion and I bought my present camera Nikon D5000 based on my friends suggestion. Somewhere on the road, calls of all those earthy colors and creatures became so strong, I bought my ‘Macro lens’ which earned me a nickname ‘Macro man’ !!

Next, I joined this amazing group of like-minded people, gurus called indianaturewatch.net (INW) and creativenaturephotography.net (CNP). Then I never looked back. Hope you will also enjoy these clicks – where I have fallen, got muddied, soaked to skin – to capture these beautiful creations of God in various angles, moments and light. I have nothing more to say – they themselves will tell their stories if you meet them eye to eye !!

I am indebted to my parents, extremely supportive wife, friends, colleagues in TCS, CNP family – who have always supported and encouraged me wholeheartedly and keep me grounded, as well !!!

As Frost says ‘miles to go before I sleep and loads to share before I stop’. Enjoy…

My Accomplishments